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It’s about time!

Well, friends, it’s about time I got on here and introduced myself! You might be thinking “Why now?”. Well, for several reasons, but most notably would be that it’s hard to show yourself to the world! Don’t you think? It’s not easy to show up and show your face and talk about yourself. I’m used to being behind the camera, not in front of it! But, it’s time to change all that as I start to share more about myself and my life with all of you! Not only is it a fun Friday trend currently on Instagram (Friday Introductions), but research shows that people/ clients/customers want to know more about the services and products they’re purchasing now more than ever. Naturally the same concept applies to my business as well. (Hopefully) The more my potential clients and even current clients see me, get to know me, make a connection with me, the more likely they are to become clients, to connect, to reach out and to work with me! So what do you guys think? (You can tell me below!) Do you like to know more about the things you buy and the services you’re interested in? Is it important to you to get to know the people personally? To make a connection? I’d love to hear!

So in the spirit of these things, I am participating in my first Friday Introduction! This one will be a bit more broad “get to know me” but week by week I’m going to talk more specifics and share different parts of my life! (Open to suggestions too!)

TOP 10 Get To Know Me:

  1. My name is Jessica. My middle name is Leigh (pronounced like Lee). Hence, Jess Leigh Photographer! I chose my middle name because I thought it had a better ring to it than my last name.

  2. I just turned the big 3-0! That’s right, the prime old age of 30. My birthday was March 31st- shout out to Aries babies!

  3. I have lived in Mexico, more specifically the Puerto Vallarta area- Sayulita, for 3.5 years. I moved here from CA at the time. I had no plans, no job, a few friends and a voice in my heart telling me to move here.

  4. I have 2 dogs, Oso and Ramona. They make frequent appearances on my IG stories! I’m currently fostering a dog, so yes that makes 3 dogs in my house right now and NO room on the couch for me!

  5. I’m a Floridian. I grew up in Tallahassee, FL. The capital of FL incase you forgot middle school geography- or like most people think Miami or Orlando are the capital. It’s a medium sized town that was a great, wholesome place to grow up!

  6. I’m a Gator! As in University of Florida- the Gators. I was a bit of a family rebel and decided to go to university at the rival school to my home town and my parents alma mater (Florida State University). BUT! I didn’t actually do it to be different. I chose UF because my grandfather graduated from there in the 1950s and no one else in our family had attended since. I always looked up to him and I wanted to be a Gator too!

  7. I do not have a degree in Photography, Photojournalism, Communications, etc. Say what?!? It’s true! Ok, don’t fire me! I actually have a degree in Political Science with a minor in Eastern European Studies. Yes, I know, it’s weird. Want to debate the rise and fall of Communism? Want to know what it’s like to visit a concentration camp? Got questions about the Yugoslavian Wars? I knew you did! I’m your gal! Ask away!

  8. I’ve lived abroad in 3 countries. I’ve had a travel bug since my first trip to Europe at 18. Since then I have traveled quite a bit (more on that another time!) but I have also lived in 3 different countries. Any guesses? Mexico.. obviously! Korea… random! And the Czech Republic.. the what? Haha. Yep that’s right! More on those another time.

  9. My hobbies include surfing, yoga, dog walks (yes it’s a hobby), drinking coffee in as many cute cafes as possible, travel and… photography! Haha of course I had to say that!

  10. I genuinely want to know you! I mean it, I want to get to know my clients. Being a destination photographer is an amazing opportunity but often I don’t get the pleasure of meeting and getting to know my clients before their weddings. I want to know about you! I want to know about your relationship, your wedding vision, what you do for fun, how you met, and how I can best serve you and capture your love! So please, send me an email, give me a call, shoot me a text- let’s chat!

Oh Hey! That’s Me!

Mexico Wedding Photographer
Mexico Wedding Photographer

Photos by Brandy Jackson