Corazón Contento

While organizing my external drives recently it dawned on me that I have so many beautiful photos of clients that I hardly share. As I've said before, this website and blog are fairly new and I'm just terrible at keeping up with it all! More like I'm terrible at disciplining myself to sit down and do it! With that in mind I'm determined to start blogging my sessions, this year and last! 

I truly love all my sessions and there are always so many photos from them. All of my clients bring something special to our sessions and I always hope that I am capturing it to it's best likeness. 

Recently I was doing a little soul-searching and I asked myself, what are the things/ people that make my heart smile..? Sounds like a silly question, but it's genuine. Don't you have certain people, activities, objects, etc that when you are with them or doing them they elevate you to a joy that's almost unexplainable? It's just that, pure joy. Happiness. I think we all have those things on our lives. Often we drift away from them either from busyness, laziness or circumstance which I feel I've fallen into. So I was asking myself- what? who? Just think about that feeling and what comes to mind. Well, several people come to mind, close friends, past loves, certain family. A few places come to mind, a small town in Europe, a Mexican beach, the local coffee shop by the lake in my home town. But you know what else comes to mind? Being behind a lens

Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to say every session I have is mind blowing or magical or the best day ever. Sometimes they are hard, sometimes I'm nervous, sometimes I doubt every single photo I took. But, being honest, even given those things, photography and being behind the camera lights me up. It fills a special place in my heart. I walk away from most of my sessions with a big smile and happy heart. There is an expression in Spanish that I learned living in Mexico that I just love, "barriga llena, corazón contento", it means "a full belly, a happy heart". Of course, it's referring to eating a really good meal (who doesn't love that?) but I just love to sentiment behind it. Maybe we could think of it as "vida llena, corazón contento" or "full life, happy heart". What do you fill your life and your time with that makes your heart smile, that lights you up, that brings you joy? 

So, in the spirit of finally getting this blog off the ground, I present to you one of my favorite sessions from last year: Sylvie & Roman. If this session doesn't make your heart smile, I don't know what will! 

I met Sylvie and Roman here in Sayulita. They both have lived here a few years, just like myself. Eventually through mutual friends we started hanging out at the same places and I finally got to  know this sweet couple. One thing is very obvious when you spend time with them- their affection for each other! I just loved to catch from the corner of my eye, the way Roman looks at Sylvie. Eventually I actually approached them for a session! I knew they were the perfect couple for an intimate shoot I had been dreaming up. I wanted a couple who would be comfortable with me and not too shy to show their intimacy on a beach in front of the camera. To my luck, they agreed! We chose one of our favorite little "hidden" spots here in Sayulita for a little more privacy and a beautiful sunset evening. 

Sylvie & Roman-33.jpg

Caracitos (Sayulita) never disappoints for a great photoshoot

Sylvie & Roman-19.jpg

That light though... Sayulita sunsets 

Sylvie & Roman-51.jpg
Sylvie & Roman-92.jpg
Sylvie & Roman-112.jpg

I couldn't be happier with the way the photos came out, these two made it easy! I tell all the couples I work with, I can't script your intimacy, just be yourself! I love to let my couples just have a few minutes during our sessions to pretend I'm not there, those are almost always my favorite photos. 

Thank you Sylvie & Roman for being willing to do this shoot! I'm still drooling over these photos every time I see them! 

- With love from Sayulita,