Erica & Sebastion Engagement

Erica and Sebastion got engaged prior to visiting Sayulita and when Erica reached out to me asking about Engagement photos for them on their vacation, I proposed a location I'd been dying to use. After warning her that it would require a drive out of town, a bit of a hike and might include crabs (it was breeding season) some how she still said yes! I was so glad that they were up for the adventure, I had been wanting to take an adventurous couple out to a "secret" beach that I frequently visit with my dogs (if you've seen my IG stories, you'll recognize it!). 

Just days before our session Hurricane Bud decided to stalk the coast of Mexico! We crossed our fingers and kept our plans. Luckily Bud decided not to rain our parade while we made our way through town for the first part of our session. 

After taking a stroll around town we headed out for our big destination, stopping along the jungle road on the way. We got to the beach to find the tide so high the waves pushed us all the way up to the brush line but created beautiful white wash on the sand. It was overcast and grey but just as we were about to finish the sky rewarded us with one of the most beautiful sunsets I've seen this year. It was well worth our trek out to this empty beach- and the trek through dark jungle on the way back! 

Check out our session below and tell me what you think of that sunset!! 

Jessica Moody