Session Style

A lot of my clients ask for my advice on what to wear to their photo sessions. The good news is, I am so grateful that they do! Style is such a subjective art but there definitely some tips and ideas that can help you look more polished and be happy with your photos! Here are few tips that I like to give my clients as well as a few outfit examples and a link to my Pinterest board with more style inspiration!

  1. Dress it up a bit! I really appreciate when my clients put time and effort into their outfit choices for our sessions. It shows me that they are taking our time seriously just like I am! I want to give you the BEST possible product and you help me out so much when you put energy into looking and feeling your best! I love it when my couples dress up for an engagement, anniversary or couples session. Guys in chinos, blazers, buttons ups! Girls in dresses, rompers and skirts! We may be at the beach, but that doesn’t mean it always need to be shorts and flip flops. The contrast between the wildness of the beach and a beautiful, well put together outfit is perfection!

  2. Choose neutral colors and solids. I always encourage my clients to choose soft, neutral colors. In my opinion, whites, tans, pinks, blues, and grays are the best. But- I love anything that is simple and timeless. My biggest suggestion is leaning towards solids or classic prints (think stripes). They are classic and easy on the eyes! Busy patterns and lots of bright colors can be distracting and I prefer a softer, more understated look for my clients and my photos.

  3. Texture! I love a good texture in outfits choices. Good examples are chiffon, tulle, linen, ruffles, pleats, fringe. Anything that adds some texture! A simple white or soft pink chiffon dress blowing in the breeze or catching the light is like heaven in my book!

  4. You don’t have to match. Wether it’s a couple or family, you don’t have to match! I prefer that you “go” together. Colors that compliment are much better than having a whole family in the same color shirt and pants. It’s a little old school in my opinion to have everyone match. I think it’s more modern and stylish to coordinate the colors and possibly have one or two matching colors through out instead of everyone in the general same outfit.

  5. Choose something you love! The best advice I can give my clients is to choose something they feel comfortable in. I don’t just mean your sweat pants and a sweater comfortable. I mean comfortable in your skin, confident in what you’re wearing, love how you look kind of comfortable! The best way to love your photos is to love yourself in them. Choosing an outfit you feel good in and makes you more at ease will produce photos you love to look at!

For more inspiration on outfit choices you can find my PINTEREST board here!

Here are a few of my favorites styles choice (Photos are not mine):

Feel free to ask me any questions about what to wear to your session! I always love to help!