A Bikini Kinda Life

A few years back I started following an account on Instagram for a woman I thought was beautiful, fit, and inspiring. One random day about 2 years ago I reached out to her on a limb that she might respond to me. I told her if she ever found herself close to Sayulita, I would love to a photo shoot with her! Well, about 6 months later, she came to Sayulita!

Aomi and I finally met face to face after being internet acquaintances, a rare occurrence! And even more rare, we've now met up several times in the 2 years since. Every time Aomi visits Sayulita we plan a shoot for her. It's so much fun to work together and she gives me an opportunity to do something a little different... Aomi is a brand ambassador for Midori Bikinis. Not to mention a nutritionist and personal trainer. Like, damn girl. She works hard for her body and inspires other women to do the same. 

That being said, she's no stranger to the camera and we just love to sneak off to the beach and see where creativity takes us. Just recently we did our 3rd shoot for Midori Bikinis here in Sayulita. It was a stormy week with cloudy days and cool weather but we were determined to find an afternoon to make it work. Sure enough the clouds cleared and we were able to get some great shots. Each time we've shot together it's a little different, I just loved the moodiness of the clouds in this session and the green backdrop of the jungle. Sunset never fails to deliver here in Sayulita, wether it's bright pinks and purples or even just soft clean light like this day. 

Shooting with Aomi is always a blast and I love to work with her when she visits! Check out highlights from our session below and keep an eye on Midori's website too! 

Jess Leigh Creative_Aomi Jan
Jess Leigh Creative_Aomi
Jess Leigh Creative_Aomi 2
Jess Leigh Creative_Aomi 3
Jess Leigh Creative_Aomi 4