8            films

film is our link between the past and the present

 The first at home motion video of its kind. Super 8 is a video film format that made its debut in the 1960s.
Taken on a vintage camera, Super 8, is literal film passing through the view finder to capture what you see frame by frame. It's then developed, scanned and sped up into a moving image.
It's a grainy, nostalgic, never perfect-
but oh so perfect medium that preserves the magic of your wedding day in a way technology can't replicate.
A timeless heirloom in motion to remember how your wedding day unfolded.
Another medium to your memories.

Super 8 wedding films are an added service to any wedding collection

M+P, Edwards, Colorado

L+C, Devil's Thumb Ranch, Colorado

M+M, Garden of the Gods Resort, Colorado